/what do you do

what do you do when all you want is to be with them, wish they felt the same way and want the same things you do. what do you do when they don’t feel the same way, because really. he doesn’t. sad to think we’ve only come this far, sad to see us go to such limits. we could of had it all, right? sitting here looking at past occurrences, memories, stories. they all are bittersweet. couldn’t we just go back to the way things used to be? sighhhhhhh

/really hate you

seriously tho. how is it that i’m the one not being able to sleep. waiting for that one call. that one text from you.. its not fair. if i was that precious to you and you were that crazy about me.. then that would be the least i expected from you .. something to show me that you weren’t okay either… but i guess you are okay.. i’m not fucking okay… and at that time i made a choice.. i said it was mind over, you know, the mushy stuff. fuck the feelings… whether it was a deeper meaning or just casually happened.. either way i just want to sleep. stop putting up a front. or maybe thats how your true colours really are.

/things to accomplish march 2012
  • education plan
  • license
  • pay back loans
  • get a credit card
  • exercise plan
  • eat more healthy
  • drink more water 
  • procrastinate less
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